2014 August

Solace by EMA

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More big electronic sounds, but EMA offsets these with very warm and bare vocals. As the track progresses, EMA layers her vocals which adds more emphasis to her voice. She proves to be a very good background vocalist for herself! As the song moves along, the urgency in the vocals increases until the voices break apart and start bouncing off each other. Then at the end, everything is brought back down for a more stark sound to close out the song.

Satellites by EMA

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“The Future’s Void” leads off with this track, and you can feel the paranoia within it the way some of the sounds are used. These noises are complemented by a nice piano line which takes some of the coldness away, but doesn’t eliminate it. The looped hand claps act as a kind of metronome as well. Then just about two minutes in, much bigger drums are introduced and the track picks up the intensity, along with some of the paranoia with the electronic sounds. EMA does a nice job with her vocals on this track as well, matching the intensity of the music. This song is a great way to kick off her album and introduce the themes spanning throughout.