So Blonde by EMA

EMA (real name Erika M. Anderson), released her second solo album in April, titled “The Future’s Void”. EMA’s debut solo album “Past Life Martyred Saints”, was widely praised by the music press and enjoyed a lot of success despite minimal marketing. So there was a bit of anticipation built-up for her follow-up release. EMA moved out to L.A. from South Dakota at the age of 18 to pursue a music career. She played in two different bands prior to her solo career – Amps for Christ and Gowns. Her debut solo album came out in 2011. Her latest album is based around the theme of identity, and how a constantly online world can impact one’s sense of self. EMA was known for baring her soul on her debut album. “The Future’s Void” still has some sense of intimacy, but the subject matter has EMA taking on different personalities and how they can be impacted by cyberspace. There are a lot of electronic sounds on the album, but there are also acoustic guitars and even stark piano backgrounds on some tracks. This is the type of album you can get immersed in, whether it’s focusing on the different sounds and the music or listening intently to her lyrics and the implied meanings behind them. It’s an interesting album, and I’m sure it will impact people in different ways.

“So Blonde” – This is probably the catchiest song on the album, the one where the chorus can get stuck on a loop in your head. And it doesn’t really sound like anything else on the album. The big drums on the beginning of the song and the casually strummed acoustic guitar provide a nice background for EMA’s vocals. This song sneaks up on you. It may catch your attention a little bit the first time you hear it, but not have a major impression. Then suddenly after hearing it a few more times, you realize that simple chorus and how EMA sings the words just gets stuck in your head.

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