Bad Self Portraits by Lake Street Dive

I was turned on to this band through iTunes from their free single of the week. Upon first listen of the track I immediately was hooked to the folky/soul vibe that the song presented. Sadly I didn’t know much information about the band, so I googled them to add some content about them. It’s a four person band, with two males and two females; all four of them met while attending school in Boston. They have been together since 2004 and have released 5 albums to date. Their band name actually comes from a street in Minneapolis, where many dive bars are located (the drummer is from Minneapolis). The most recent album, ‘Bad Self Portraits’ was released in February 2014. In hearing the lead single, I got the impression that this band would have had a big hit if this song was released sometime in the 60’s. They have a strong lead singer, Rachael, who brings you in with her unique voice. Also, the track is laced with a pounding drum line that carries Rachael through the course of the song. I just watched the video for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised to see that an upright bass was on the track, along with a bass guitar. All in all, I think the track is solid and I have a feeling that in the Jazz circuit this band would do really well. One of the band members has been quoted as saying, “We want our music to sound like the Beatles and Motown had a party together.” This track, definitely fits that statement. Enjoy!

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