So Blonde by EMA

EMA (real name Erika M. Anderson), released her second solo album in April, titled “The Future’s Void”. EMA’s debut solo album “Past Life Martyred Saints”, was widely praised by the music press and enjoyed a lot of success despite minimal marketing. So there was a bit of anticipation built-up for her follow-up release. EMA moved […]

High School Lover by Cayucas

“High School Lover” is more uptempo and locks into a really nice groove. This song really grabbed my attention from the very first listen. I don’t understand why this isn’t on heavy radio rotation, side by side with “Get Lucky” as a dominant presence on the airwaves.

Cayucos by Cayucas

Cayucas is Zach Yudin, who released his debut “Bigfoot” a few months ago. I have to admit I was initially intrigued by the name of the band and the first track on the album “Cayucos” since Cayucos, CA is a seaside town in central CA by San Luis Obispo where I’ve been vacationing since I […]

“Secret” by Rival Sons

“Secret” is the third song on the album, “Great Western Valkyrie” has a big-time retro vibe, especially with that keyboard sound in the mix. Again, the formula isn’t all that different, as the band continues to ride that riff on this song as well. Buchanan’s vocals are more intense on this track, as he keeps […]

Open My Eyes by Rival Sons

Rival Sons released their new album “Great Western Valkyrie” last week, and it’s a nice return to the form they showed on 2011’s “Pressure & Time”. Hailing from LA and forming 6 years ago, these four guys have a very retro-rock style, and show elements of Led Zeppelin and other classic rock acts. The band […]

Bad Self Portraits by Lake Street Dive

I was turned on to this band through iTunes from their free single of the week. Upon first listen of the track I immediately was hooked to the folky/soul vibe that the song presented. Sadly I didn’t know much information about the band, so I googled them to add some content about them. It’s a […]

Lay Me Down by Sam Smith

A few weeks back, I dropped a song by the group Disclosure and Sam was the featured artist on that track. During that write up I don’t believe I provided a lot of info on Sam, so I’ll provide a few highlights about him. Sam is from London and is fairly new to the music […]

An Island by Chevelle

This week I’m featuring Chevelle and a couple of tracks off of their 2014 release “La Gargola”; easily one of the best albums I’ve heard so far this year. Chevelle formed almost 20 years ago in Chicago and was comprised of three Loeffler brothers – Pete (vocals, guitar), Joe (bass) and Sam (drums). Joe is […]

I Guess I Know You Fairly Well by Band of Skulls

This song starts out with a much slower tempo as Marsden’s vocals are pretty isolated with his guitar during the verses, but the choruses burst out and take it up several notches before slowing down again for the verses. With just more than a minute left, the band ramps up the music and Marsden plays […]