Love Never Felt So Good by Michael Jackson ft. Justin Timberlake

I’m sure a summary on Michael Jackson isn’t needed. We all know he is the King of Pop and he has countless hits from 1968 (when he was just 10yrs old) till today. I won’t dive into Michael Jackson and how he became a star, how many hits he’s had, how many awards he has or anything like that. What I will highlight is that this song is part of an album (Xscape) that was put together by music producer L.A. Reid. He grabbed 8 unreleased tracks that Michael Jackson had recorded throughout his career, envisioning that these 8 tracks would be successful in the music industry today. All tracks have had some musical updates made to them with the help of various producers and the first single from the album is the track I’m bringing you today. This version of the song wasn’t originally planned to be on the album, but thanks to Timbaland producing the track he was able to add it to the album. Outside of the song being a Michael Jackson song, what I enjoy most about the song is the happy vibe that is present throughout the full course of the song. From the moment I heard the opening drum beat and add-libs from Justin Timberlake, I was immediately hooked. After the first verse from Michael Jackson, an infectious chorus kicks in and ascends the song to a level that just makes you want to get up and dance. Justin’s verse is very enjoyable as well and once his verse is over, the chorus comes back in to play with a great harmony from Michael and Justin. Overall, the song is very well put together and I have to admit that it’s nice to have Michael Jackson back on the radio. The official video for the song is probably one of my favorites that I’ve seen this year. It’s filled with various fans dancing and lip singing to the song, as well as having video snippets from Michael Jacksons previous videos; the video also includes Justin singing and dancing with some of the fans. In watching the video you can see how much fun they were having in paying tribute to Michael Jackson and his music legacy. Enjoy!

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