I’m the Man by Aloe Blacc

Aloe has quietly been in the music scene since 1995. He was well known in the indie rap underground scene under the moniker Emanon, where he dropped a mixtape, an EP and three albums. In 2003 Aloe became a solo artist and released 2 EPs on his own, before being signed in 2006 to Stone Throw records. In 2006 he released ‘Shine Through’, but soon after he began to contemplate on whether or not he wanted to be a rapper or a songwriter. He felt that the focus of hip-hop reflects one’s ego, and he wasn’t really able to express everything he had to say in life; he took a break from rapping and focused on songwriting until 2010 when he released his second album ‘Good Things’, which was a commercial success in the UK and spanned an international hit with the single “I Need a Dollar.” Recently, Aloe has gained a lot of recognition in 2013 for co-writing and singing on Avicii’s track “Wake Me Up”. Thanks to this song, in September 2013 Aloe was signed to Interscope records and immediately released a 5 track EP tilted ‘Wake Me Up EP’. This EP included the song “I’m the Man”, which has been featured in the Beats headphones commercials with Kevin Garnett, Colin Kaepernick and Richard Sherman (these commercials were in heavy rotation during the NFL season). What I enjoy most about this song is the horn play in conjunction with Aloes voice. I think that the arrangement of the two complement one another very nicely; also, I enjoy that his approach to the song is in the form of singing/spoken word. I like that he isn’t rapping or strictly singing on the track, he blends the two effortlessly and I think that adds value to the song overall. I must say that after listening to some of his earlier work, I’m a fan of his new approach to music. As an FYI, I’ve included the link to the Beats commercial that has Colin Kaepernick in it. Enjoy!

Beats Commercial:

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