Honey & I by Haim

“Honey & I” is a more mellow song, and I really enjoy the overall vibe on this track. The guitar that plays in and out of the song has a really great sound. The rhythm is a little more complex on this track which also adds some punch. And then I really like the chorus […]

Bleeding Out by The Lone Bellow

The Lone Bellow is a band that was formed in Brooklyn, NY. Upon one of my trips to NY, my friend introduced them to me. To be honest, I really don’t know much about the band and how they formed; but what I do know is that they are a trio, with the two male […]

My Song 5 by Haim

Haim is three sisters out of Southern California who you’ve likely heard of by now if you follow music at all. They were one of the most talked about artists in 2013, especially regarding new artists. Their debut album “Days Are Gone” was just released in September, but it seems like it’s been out for […]

Old School Love by Lupe Fiasco Ft. Ed Sheeran

I’ve dropped a few Lupe tracks before but he consistently is putting out good music ,so I can’t help but drop another one. A quick rundown of Lupe, he jumped on to the music scene is 2006 with his debut album and since then he has released 4 studio albums, with each having at least […]

Thinking About You by Calvin Harris Ft. Ayah Marar

Some of you may not recognize the name Calvin Harris, but I bet most of you have heard a lot of his music. He has been making a lot of noise in 2013 with the release of his 3rd studio album ’18 Months’. His album features many of today’s top artist, including: Ne-Yo, Rhianna, Florence […]

Fall In by Cloud Nothings

“Fall In” is a bit poppier, but has a nice contrast between more aggressive, punk-sounding verses and the poppier chorus. Plus there’s a nice little guitar solo at the 2:00 mark that then blends right back into the song after raising it up a few notches.

Separation by Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings was founded by Dylan Baldi. They released their second album “Attack on Memory” last year, which was produced by Steve Albini who helped give them a much rougher and heavier sound. Albini has produced albums for Nirvana, The Pixies, PJ Harvey and Helmet, to name just a few. This new harder sound won […]

Berserk by Eminem (explicit)

That’s right, Marshall Mathers is working on a new album, a follow-up to 2010’s surprisingly good “Recovery”. “Berserk” is the first single and it caught my ear for some obvious reasons – samples from the Beastie Boys and William Squier (aka Billy Squier) and production from Rick Rubin – how can you mess that up? […]