Weatherman by Dead Sara

“Weatherman” is a great song and was a good choice for a single – it showcases a lot of the strengths of the band. The soaring guitar riffs, the way the music pulls back to showcase the vocal parts, and Armstrong again really shows off her vocal abilities. The song is extremely catchy, and the […]

Lemon Scent by Dead Sara

Dead Sara is a 4 member band out of LA led by singer/guitarist Emily Armstrong and guitarist Siouxsie Medley. Rounding out the band are drummer Sean Friday and bass player Chris Null. They released an EP back in ’08 and then spent a lot of time touring and growing a fan base. Vocalist Emily Armstrong […]

The Body by Burning Love

“The Body” coincidentally also clocks in at 3:30. There’s no need for a gradual build at the beginning of the song, it just takes off like a pistol with the vocals kicking in after the first second. This song flies along like an out of control locomotive about to derail but manages to stay on […]

12:31 by Burning Love

– This hardcore punk band hailing from Toronto released their debut album in 2010 – “Songs For Burning Lovers”. For their second album “Rotten Thing To Say” which came out last year, they worked with uber-producer Kurt Ballou, who is one of my favorite producers. He’s worked on a lot of great albums and always […]

Ch-Check It Out by MCA

The lead-off track from their love letter album to NY – “To The 5 Boroughs”, this showcases their rapping ability and has some classic MCA lines including “Don’t test me, they can’t arrest me, I’ll fake right, cross-over and shoot lefty”. The track features just a few great samples, including a great drum beat. But […]

Shazam! by MCA

Track 11 from “To The 5 Boroughs”, the album the Beasties put out after 9/11. This is a more simple rap song, built around a big funky bass beat and an old sample from Kool and the Gang. Simple beats to complement their rhymes. MCA highlight includes “I’d like a lettuce, tomato and Muenster on […]

So What’cha Want by MCA

Track #7 from “Check Your Head”. This track features a sample from Led Zeppelin, as well as Big Daddy Kane and Soutside Movement. The video was directed by MCA, and it was pretty cutting edge for it’s time visually. Some of the things I love about this song include the drums (thanks John Bonham), the […]

Gratitude by MCA

This is the 4th track from one of my favorite albums by anyone – “Check Your Head”. MCA is playing the fuzzed out bass that sets the tone for track. Notice the huge difference in sound, as the band starting leaning back on its punk rock roots on this album. What is so great about […]

The Sounds of Science by MCA

This week I’m doing a mini-tribute to MCA, whose death last year came fresh to mind again when I was watching the Grammys award show. I don’t care about the Grammy awards themselves, but there were some good live performances on the show. In addition to the tribute of music industry personnel who passed away […]

Joy to You Baby by Josh Ritter