Heaven by Depeche Mode

If you had told me five years ago I’d be featuring a song by this band, you would have been met with more than a little skepticism. But as these guys age and mature, I’m appreciating some of their music much more. I’ve heard more than my share of this band over the years – they were/are huge in SoCal and I was living down there at the peak of their popularity. I even saw them play their massive show at the Rose Bowl which was the largest concert in terms of attendance I’ve ever been too. I’ve actually seen the band a number of times live. Even when I wasn’t a much of a fan, they still put on an enjoyable live show. Dave Gahan is one of the most natural frontmen you’ll see as a lead singer. This week marks the release of their 13th studio album after 32 years (that’s not a typo) as a band. That’s a whole lotta years. Depeche Mode can excel at really setting an atmosphere and mood with their music. On the track “Heaven”, this really stood out for me immediately. The first time I heard the song on the radio, it grabbed my attention because they do have a distinct sound. I think it really embodies the band’s strengths – from the opening keyboard notes, the guitar accents, the minimal percussion and Gahan’s vocal performance (along with some nice background accents from Gore). It’s a very slow and deliberate song. As it plays out, there are some interesting electronic sounds added in to keep it interesting. A nice effort from the band.

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