F*%$ the Police by Paul Miro (very explicit!)

I never thought this classic rap song from N.W.A. would work with this type of music – acoustic guitar, piano, bass, drum machine and stark vocals. It is interesting hearing these lyrics sung with this sparse arrangement. Miro does a great job putting a unique spin on the song. Paul Miro is a singer/songwriter from […]

Sympathy For The Devil by Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones need no introduction (I hope!). Celebrating their 50th anniversary last year, these dinosaurs are still touring (although this is supposed to be the end of that). Love ‘em or hate ‘em or be indifferent, but you cannot deny some of the great songs and riffs they’ve recorded over the years. One of […]

State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.) by Jim James

Jim James, the immensely talented singer/guitarist from My Morning Jacket released his first proper solo album last month – “Regions of Light and Sound of God”. It’s a much more mellow affair than the majority of the music you’ll hear by My Morning Jacket. James wrote, performed, sang all vocals and produced the entire album […]

Cloak of Feathers by The Sword

This 4 piece from Austin, TX released their debut album in 2006. Their first two albums had more of a fantasy theme running throughout, but over their last two albums they’ve switched over to a science fiction theme. No matter the theme or subject matter of the songs, they all have a really great vibe […]

Namesake by Brother Ali

Ok, I’m swear I’m not making up Brother Ali’s bio. Rapper Brother Ali moved around various northern Midwest cities as a child, eventually landing in Minneapolis. When he was about 15, he met a famous rapper from the times (whose name escapes me right now), and that left a lasting impact that inspired him to […]

Romantic Dreams by Deftones

The Deftones formed almost 25 years ago in Sacramento, CA when they were still in high school. A four song demo eventually caught the attention of record labels and they signed with Madonna’s label, Maverick. They released their first album “Adrenaline” in 1995. The album didn’t sell a lot at first, but through relentless touring […]

Fire’s Highway by Japandroids

Japandroids are a garage rock band from Vancouver and they’re just a duo – guitarist Brian King and drummer David Prowse. They share vocal duties. These guys released their second album in 2012 which was titled “Celebration Rock”. Their ’09 debut “Post-Nothing” was a highly regarded release. These guys came out of nowhere and quickly […]

Deconstruction by Witchcraft

This Swedish retro-heavy band first formed about a decade ago and released their first album in 2004. Their self-titled debut was highly regarded, and the album which was recorded exclusively with vintage equipment, was lauded for capturing a very authentic ‘70s sound. Their most obvious influences are Pentagram and Black Sabbath. They went on to […]

Blue Ice by Shout Out Louds

This is by far probably the most popular band in the list of artist that Amazon showcased for free music. This group is from Sweden and have been making music together since 2001. The band has toured with numerous acts, including The Strokes, Kings of Leon and The Rosebuds to name a few. They have […]

Default by Django Django

This quartet first met in Edinburgh, but didn’t formally join as a band until a few years later in London. I think these guys have elements of Devo, Beach Boys and Clinic in their music, along with several other lesser known British artists. There is a wide variety of influences in their music, and they […]