All The Time by The Strokes

It has been 12 years since The Strokes released their much hyped debut album “Is This It”. If you’re one of the originals on my email, you may recall a Strokes song I included in one of my first emails. The Strokes took a five year hiatus between their previous albums, but their new album “Comedown Machine” has arrived less than two years after they released “Angles”. This new album is one of their strongest in quite some time (I’d rank it 3rd behind their first two releases). The band sounds loose, and it appears they actually enjoyed recording the album instead of it being a more grueling process. The end result is a very consistent album. It’s definitely more subdued than their earlier output, but they have aged a decade since those days. I’ll admit I wasn’t an immediate fan of the band, they grew on me slowly over time. I’m not even sure how to describe what I find appealing about them. I’ve grown to appreciate Casablancas’ vocal stylings, Hammond Jr. has a somewhat unique guitar sound and they can definitely write some catchy riffs. It’s an example of “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” things with this band. The track I’ve selected is the second song on Comedown Machine, “All The Time”. It sounds like vintage Strokes – Casablancas’ somewhat slurred vocals (hey, I never proclaimed to be a big lyrics guy so it’s not a concern if I can’t understand what he’s saying), some ringing guitar riffs, a propelling beat and it’s ends before you get tired of listening to it (that was meant to be a compliment).

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