Mosquito by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

It’s been 10 years since the release of their debut album “Fever To Tell” and “Mosquito” is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs fourth proper studio album. The band has changed up their sound from album to album and this is still true on their newest release. I’d say it’s more of a combination of their first two albums, with new elements added in. Their previous album “It’s Blitz” was much more synthesizer heavy, and they have definitely departed away from this sound. “Fever To Tell” was very high energy, lots of guitars, lots of squealing. The second album “Show Your Bones” was more subdued with slower, softer songs. “Mosquito” blends elements of both of these, and also adds some different sounds. It’s not the most cohesive album, but there are some interesting songs throughout the album. “Sacrilege is the lead-off track and may be the best song on the album. It definitely shows a nice progression for the band. Karen O.’s vocals are showcased on this track, which slowly builds up in intensity as the song unfolds. It also boosts the first time the band has ever leveraged a choir for some background vocals. The track “Mosquito” is campy and a bit tongue-in-cheek, but more reminiscent of what the band used to sound like. There are some cool tribal drums featured on the track, and some nice guitar work. It almost seems like the band is paying homage to what they sounded like a decade ago and can’t quite take themselves seriously. Also, you should check out the album art for this release, whether you like it or not you cannot argue that it’s not distinctive.

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