Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing by Ash Koley

Ash Koley is a duo from Canada that has been making music together since 2004. The band is named after the lead singer, but the music is written by the second half, Phil. He also plays the majority of the instruments as well. The band was signed to a record label in 2009 and since then have put out 4 EPs and one proper album. The band is widely known in Canada for their hit “Don’t Let Your Feet Touch Ground.” Some of you may recognize it from SYTYCD and it was widely played during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada. Thanks to that song, the band was able to record their first proper album. The song that I have provided comes from their third EP called ‘Red’. Everything about this song caught my attention when I had a random Greys Anatomy marathon a few weeks back. I love Ash’s voice and how it pairs nicely with the tempo of the song. I also really like the flow of the song and the snare line. When this song comes on in rotation on my iPod, I can’t help but bounce to it. The video is quite enjoyable, and I must say sometimes I wanna run around in circles like Ash does when I hear this song 🙂

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