Daughters by Nas

Steve dropped a song from Nas a while back, so i thought i’d share a Nas song as well. This is a song from Nas in which i’m 200% focused on the lyrics. As many of you know, the lyrical content of songs is what tends to gather my attention. Above anything, i appreciate the message that Nas is trying to convey in this song. He is speaking from life experience during the formative years of his daughter’s life. He expresses the good and the bad, how he doesn’t want his daughter to be with a guy like him, how sons and daughters are treated differently, and how no man is good enough to date his daughter. I tried to find a song that showed the lyrics on the screen, but they weren’t really PC songs. So you may have to listen to the song a few times to get his message, but its definitely one worth listening to. Nas’ flow is really steady and clear through the song, and i appreciate how the song doesn’t hit so hard like most rap songs. I also like the fact that there isn’t an r&b singer coming in and blowing out the track with their vocals, instead there is soft harmonizing from what seems like a few back up singers; which i think is much better than an mainstream r&b artist putting their own flare on it. It keeps the song organic and enables you to focus on the message that Nas is trying to convey.

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