Half Moon by Blind Pilot

I’m really sad to say that this band is very new to me; very new as in i just heard them for the first time on Friday. I was watching the Ellen Degeneres Birthday show, and this band was performing (it was their first network performance). I was immediately captivated by the song. The lead singers voice is very melodic and flows easily throughout the course of the song. I also really like the simplicity of the song, the soft snare line that opens the song, the whispering piano that comes to focus during the chorus, the horns that jump in during the chorus, and the harmony of the singers are all just amazing to me. I don’t have too much info on the band, but from what Ellen said about them they appear to be up and coming. I did Google them and found that they released their debut album in 2008 and it reached #13 on the Billboard digital charts. This song comes from their second album (We Are The Tide), which was released in September 2011. The studio recording is just as good as their live performance on Ellen. I’ve included both links for you to enjoy!

Studio Version:

The Ellen Show Performance:

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