All The Time by The Strokes

It has been 12 years since The Strokes released their much hyped debut album “Is This It”. If you’re one of the originals on my email, you may recall a Strokes song I included in one of my first emails. The Strokes took a five year hiatus between their previous albums, but their new album […]

Mosquito by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

It’s been 10 years since the release of their debut album “Fever To Tell” and “Mosquito” is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs fourth proper studio album. The band has changed up their sound from album to album and this is still true on their newest release. I’d say it’s more of a combination of their first […]

Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing by Ash Koley

Ash Koley is a duo from Canada that has been making music together since 2004. The band is named after the lead singer, but the music is written by the second half, Phil. He also plays the majority of the instruments as well. The band was signed to a record label in 2009 and since […]

Daughters by Nas

Steve dropped a song from Nas a while back, so i thought i’d share a Nas song as well. This is a song from Nas in which i’m 200% focused on the lyrics. As many of you know, the lyrical content of songs is what tends to gather my attention. Above anything, i appreciate the […]

Half Moon by Blind Pilot

I’m really sad to say that this band is very new to me; very new as in i just heard them for the first time on Friday. I was watching the Ellen Degeneres Birthday show, and this band was performing (it was their first network performance). I was immediately captivated by the song. The lead […]

Raining Blood by Jeff Hanneman, RIP

(guitarist from Slayer) – Yes, I know Slayer isn’t most people’s cup of tea, but they were a highly influential band in the metal genre and considered one of the “Big Four” in thrash metal. Forming in the early ‘80’s, Slayer really stood out from their peers with their apocalyptic atmosphere and the speed and […]

Fuzzbang by Coliseum

“Fuzzbang” also starts off with feedback, before ripping straight into an awesome fuzzy guitar sound. It’s really just an all-around fun song that is completely guitar-driven. It eventually goes into a total guitar frenzy for the last minute plus, but the lyrics are kind of superfluous anyway on this track.

Black Magic Punks by Coliseum

Coliseum formed almost 10 years ago in Louisville. The three piece band just released their 5th album this week – “Sister Faith”. The lineup has changed some over the years, but the one constant is singer/guitarist Ryan Patterson. These guys mix elements of punk, metal, and even hardcore into their sound. What I love about […]

Alibi by The Strange Familiar

As some of you may recall, i dropped a song by this group a while back called “Redemption.” I’ve continued to be a fan of their music, so i only found it fitting to provide you with another song from them. Just a quick recap of the group, they were formed in 2006 by husband […]

State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.) by Jim James

A few of you may recognize Jim James, he is the lead singer of the band ‘My Morning Jacket’; the band has put out 6 albums since 1999. Although I wasn’t an avid listener of My Morning Jacket, Jim’s voice is very distinguishable and I’ve always enjoyed it. When I heard this song in Hawaii […]