Q.U.E.E.N (ft. Erykah Badu) by Janelle Monae

Janelle has been in the music scene since 2005. She was featured on a few songs by OutKast on their “Idlewild” CD. OutKast member BigBoi liked her so much that he told P.Diddy about her, and then Diddy went on to check her out and wound up signing her to his label. Monae has put out 2 proper albums and her newest album (Electric Lady) is getting ready to drop later this year. This song is the first single off of her new album. Some of you may know her name thanks to the fun song “Some Nights” where she is featured near the end of the tune. Others of you may know her from her break out song “Tight Rope,” which kinda put her on the map in the world of R&B. The song I’m reviewing today is probably one of my favorite songs of hers. The moment i heard this song i was in love with the beat. The whole vibe of the song has a very ‘funk’ feel to it. Monae doesn’t sing on the track, but instead has more of a spoken word type of flow. The best part of the song is at about the 4 minute mark when the horns really come in to the track, and Monae is set to rap a little bit. She has a very steady flow and honestly, I didn’t feel like the rap was out of place on the track. The rap flowed nicely with the funk style that the song is engrossed in.


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