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Posted by | October 23, 2013 | Artist Development, Industry News | 12 Comments

A lot has changed since Noisy Planet won “Best Music Business Website” honors from the Independent Music Awards in 2009. Facebook and Twitter have become mainstream promotional tools for bands, and fans are increasingly turning to YouTube as their primary source for music consumption. And most bands today haven’t been to their own MySpace Music page in years – if they still have one! (Sorry Timberlake) Furthermore, whether you realize it or not your fan base is going mobile. Studies now show that at least 65% of music is enjoyed on a smart phone or tablet.

A year ago I challenged my team to come up with the one thing that would help you promote your music more easily, and we did it.

Now when artists and bands sign up for Noisy Planet they automatically get a mobile app to give away to fans for free. We build the app on your behalf and load it to the AppStore for you. The app is branded for each individual act with links to your photos, bio, song list, iTunes catalogue, YouTube videos, Facebook page, Twitter feed and more. It takes about 3 weeks to set up.

If you were to do this on your own it would either a>take six months to build, or b>cost 2,000 USD to build, or both. It’s the easiest way for fans to follow your entire music career and keep you at their fingertips. Anytime you update anything about your career it shows up in the app in real time.

Currently the app is for iPhone and iPad only, and an Android version is scheduled for release in 2014.

Contact my Artist Services team at artistservices at with questions, or just hit to get started.



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