& It Was U by How to Dress Well

All I can say is that guy is seriously impressive. His name is Tom Krell and he was born in Chicago. Currently he is receiving his PHD in philosophy in Germany. Back in 2009 he started putting out free EPs online to get his music heard. In 2010 he released his first album, entitled ‘Love Remains.’ This album had some great tracks on it and really reminded me of the type of R&B you would hear in the 90’s (Shai, Mint Condition, Janet Jackson). I was eager to see what new stuff he would come up with, and in September of last year he dropped his second album ‘Total Loss.’ He definitely didn’t disappoint with his follow up album. & It Was U is by far my favorite song out of the two albums. What I love most about this song is the tempo change; the song starts off very melodic with just his voice and finger snapping, then at about the 1:30 mark he brings in a steady drum beat that he plays around with until the song ends. He also brings in some nice harmonizing of his voice, which he clearly loops to add a feathery content to the song. If you like this track, I’d recommend checking out more of his work.


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