Get Free by DJ Diplo’s Project Major Lazer

Major Lazer isn’t actually a group or an artist, it’s actually a musical project by the DJ Diplo. You might not be aware, but Diplo has produced a lot of songs for number one artists, including M.I.A, Beyonce, Usher, and No Doubt. He first started the project back in 2009 with another DJ named Switch. They wanted to create an album that encompassed the lifestyle of a Jamaican dance hall. Together they dropped one proper album and a few mix tapes before parting ways in early 2012. The musical project is now composed of Diplo and DJ Jillionaire & Walshy Fire. The second album, ‘Free the Universe,’ was released this April and the song I provided comes from their 2nd album. This song has a very island feel to it, thanks in part to the drum beat that hangs out in the background of the whole track. My favorite portion of the song is singer’s voice (Amber). She comes from the group ‘Dirty Projectors.’ There’s something very captivating about her voice to me. You can definitely hear Diplo’s influence on the song with a few of the more electronic snippets that fade in and out of the song. Overall I think it’s a very smooth track, outside of the last 5/6 secs of the song where it is clearly fading into another track.

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