2012 July

Positive Determined Intelligent Calculated Energetic Youth: The Story of P. Dicey (Part III)

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As Dicey’s music career began to blossom into a much greater force, his appreciation for the process of producing began to flourish as well. In 2005, Dicey decided to file for a voluntary discharge from the Nigerian Army and focus on his career as a musician. His time away from the army would grant him a greater opportunity to truly focus on honing his craft. Residing in Jos, he began producing new music and getting the chance to perform these songs at clubs where he met several other musicians like DJ Mix Master Brown. Brown would take on quite an important role in Dicey’s career, for he gave him professional advice on where to take his music career. Dicey would take his advice and create the song “Baby Girl” which was also eventually remixed by Mix Master Brown. Read More