2012 June

The Third Annual California Music Industry Summit

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The third annual California Music Industry Summit took place at Laney College on June 8-9th. I couldn’t speak for how many people showed up on the first day, but when I made the trek to Oakland on its second day, I found myself pretty damn amazed by the turn out upon arrival. However, it was not surprising to see so many people attending such an event. The aim of CMIS is to introduce everyone to the world of the music industry by setting up a series of panels that covered just about every position in the industry that you could think of. The panels were hosted by actual professionals whom were well learned in their topics, which truly did show with each panel. The people attending event ranged from artists and band managers to reporters and unsigned musicians who just wanted to learn a little bit more about the industry. It was evident that everyone here was very serious about their pursuit of getting their foot in the door, but spirits were also very high at the same time. But when you bring together hundreds of music lovers within the same conference, it’s damn near impossible to agitate tension. Frankly, it was the exact opposite, standing in the middle of that campus with all of these people I didn’t know. We were all just eager to learn what CMIS had to offer. Read More