Dancing About the Avenues of Memory

This video has been floating around the internet for a good while now, but I came across it just recently. In the video, we witness an elderly patient in a nursing home who seems to be quite ill with a fading memory. When his nurse addresses him, we aren’t even certain if he knows that he is being spoken to. It truly does hit home for me seeing someone in such a state for there are plenty of people close to me who suffer from something similar. It truly does make you wonder what his personality was like before his illness began taking its toll. Of course, he hadn’t spent his entire life mentally restrained; I’m sure this man has an entire life story that he could share if he were able to. Let’s face it: all of us do. No matter how mundane or chaotic our lives may become, there is always something to be told. Unfortunately for must, that idea merely becomes a fading fantasy.

However, that completely changes once the nurse gives him an iPod and turns on one of his favorite tunes. I don’t really want to spoil the entire video for you, but his reaction is literally priceless. The pain in sorrow that follows the opening of the video instantly vanishes as we are subjected to the true power of music. Just look what listening to your favorite tune can do for not only your mood, but also your memory!

Personally, my favorite songs usually bring me back to a place in my mind in which bliss flourishes. No matter how I’m feeling, I find myself graced with that familiar feeling of joy that the music has given me since I’ve first heard it. And I’ve always wondered how that would carry over into my later years (if I’m fortunate enough to make it that far, of course!). Will it bring me that same state of joy or will I grow out of it? Will that happiness become even more pure? Will it make me feel like a teenager again when I first found certainty that this particular artist was speaking directly to me? This video answered all of my questions in just a few minute–just from the reaction on his face, alone. I urge you to check it out and follow the website that they link you to at the end of the video. It truly is an interesting phenomenon how much music impacts our psyche.


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