2012 May

Waking Into A Dream: The Story of P. Dicey (Part I)

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Just about any artist can tell you that their fame didn’t come easy. It’s evident that no one becomes a star overnight and from the drastic changes in the music industry that has been taking its toll over the past decade, becoming a star isn’t getting any easier. But such an observation really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone reading this. Frankly, there’s nothing really worth having if it simply falls into your lap. Succeeding is about embracing the present in order to build a stronger future. Life throws so many different curves that it’s almost too easy to throw in the towel and settle for second best. In this series of articles, we will follow the story of an artist who tackled every curve for what its worth. And although his story isn’t close to being finished, the events which have already unfolded that have led up to this moment in his career are far too astounding to go unheard. Read More

Dancing About the Avenues of Memory

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This video has been floating around the internet for a good while now, but I came across it just recently. In the video, we witness an elderly patient in a nursing home who seems to be quite ill with a fading memory. When his nurse addresses him, we aren’t even certain if he knows that he is being spoken to. It truly does hit home for me seeing someone in such a state for there are plenty of people close to me who suffer from something similar. It truly does make you wonder what his personality was like before his illness began taking its toll. Of course, he hadn’t spent his entire life mentally restrained; I’m sure this man has an entire life story that he could share if he were able to. Let’s face it: all of us do. No matter how mundane or chaotic our lives may become, there is always something to be told. Unfortunately for must, that idea merely becomes a fading fantasy. Read More